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Nordic 5 Arts

A Nordic Expression in the Arts

Founded by Kati Casida in 1993, Nordic 5 Arts is an organization of professional artists in the San Francisco Bay Area. Nordic 5 Arts presents a unique Nordic/Scandinavian expression in the visual arts and contributes to the diversity of the arts in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. The organization also promotes ties with contemporary Nordic design, arts and culture.

Who We Are

Nordic 5 Arts is comprised of professional artists, primarily of Nordic/Scandinavian descent and artists born in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Nordic 5 Arts is open to all artists and supporters of the arts with a connection to, or appreciation of, Nordic expression in the arts. Patrons and supporting members with an interest in Nordic arts, culture, and design broaden and enrich our membership. Nordic 5 Arts also maintains close ties with its members residing full or part time in Nordic countries.

What We Do

The artist members of Nordic 5 Arts share, network, collaborate, and collectively exhibit their artwork. Nordic 5 Arts also promotes educational events for the general public including art and museum related lectures, dance performance, and poetry.


Nordic 5 Arts sponsors exhibitions of painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, ceramic, book, and textile arts. Traveling exhibitions, such as our ‘Runes Revealed’ exhibition, reach a broader audience through collaboration with other art and cultural organizations.