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Interested in Joining Nordic 5 Arts?
We offer an opportunity to

  • Attend our meetings, twice a year
  • Meet and work with other professional artists
  • Participate in group exhibitions
  • Receive annual newsletters

Application for New Artist Membership
Membership in Nordic 5 Arts is open to professional artists from anywhere in the world with a connection to, or appreciation of, Nordic expression in the arts. To apply for artist membership, please submit a Nordic 5 Arts Membership Form, along with 5 images of your artwork or link to your artist website, for review by the Membership Committee. Please email your application to the address shown on the form. Upon acceptance, new artist members may make payment with the PayPal buttons below.

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Payment for New Artist & Supporting Membership
Yearly dues - $30

Supporting Membership
We encourage and appreciate your support.
Membership includes
  • Supporting an organization of professional artists
  • Invitations to exhibitions and special events
  • Newsletters

Artist & Supporting Membership Renewal
Yearly dues - $30

Make an Individual Payment
Use PayPal to make individual payments for uploading of artist pages, special exhibition fees, etc. When making a payment with PayPal, enter the amount in the Quantity field on the payment screen.

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For information and questions, please send an e-mail to
Barbara Stevens Strauss,

Barbara Stevens Strauss,
Pernilla Persson,

Ulla de Larios

Colette Crutcher

Exhibitions Committee
Ellen Faris
Pam Fingado
Jenny Wantuch

Newsbrief Editorial Committee
Marc Ellen Hamel, Editor
Helene Sobol, Associate Editor
Olivia Eielson, Articles Editor
Helena Tiainen, Reporter
Helene Sobol, Graphic Designer

Website Management
Helene Sobol