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Oragen Peel
Untitled, Manchester Beach
Wind Wave
Untitled, Iowa Trees

Untitled, Iowa Winter Architecture



Untitled, Oakland Airport Hangar


Rock-A_Bye Baby

Untitled, Oakland Airport Wetlands


jason engelund

"I'm exploring exterior landscapes that activate interior ones. I'm fascinated by the effect traveling has on people; and how landscapes reflect, influence and make our experiences."

Born in California of Danish heritage, Jason Engelund earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with distinction from the California College of the Arts. His improvisational brush work and meditative themes took him to residency in Auroville, India, while his photographic work took him to Seville, Spain, assisting in documenting flamenco culture.

As a young child, Jason traveled between both coasts of the United States each year and those experiences still play an inspirational role in his work. The horizon line that captivates many to both contemplate and to travel can be seen throughout the survey of his work. Jason lives and works in Oakland, California.

Jason's artwork has been described as "a realist's approach to the mysteries". In "Traveler Series 1", aerial photos shot during flights across India and the USA, Jason uses light as if it were paint to create abstract moments of flying at night. In "Traveler Series 2", photos shot on the Northern California coast, he combines two traditional styles of painting. Following the aesthetics of 19th century landscapes the work evokes the sublime by contrasting scale and permanence of nature and human kind. He frames this inside the meditative style of color-field painting.

In other ventures, Jason uses the arts for social change. He is a founding staff member of the Center for Art and Public Life which opened at the California College of the Arts in 2000. The Center uses the arts to address issues of social justice, diversity, equity, community development and education. Following his passions explored in his improvisational bullfight series of paintings exhibited in 1995, Jason publishes SF Flamenco, the San Francisco Bay Area's online flamenco magazine, helping support flamenco artists and culture.

Jason Engelund

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