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See Saw Margery Daw
See Saw Margery Daw
Cast bronze
32" x 33" x 12"
Cast bronze
42" x 9" x 5"
Ink and pastel on paper
12" x 18"
Of Two
Of Two
Cast bronze
24" x 18" x 14"
The Couple
The Couple
Cast bronze
29" x 38" x 19"
betty rasicot pillsbury

In this generation of artists, visual resource and influence arrive daily, hourly.
Ancient waves and forms from the birthplaces of mankind
The female form, also the birthplace of mankind
Echoing the then - Crystallized in the now of
Experience and Expression

Betty Rasicot Pillsbury was born in 1922 in Northern Wisconsin and owing to singular circumstances was raised in a matriarchal household. The women raising her were survivors of an epidemic, the 1929 crash and the subsequent financial depression. This influence - the power and tenacity of women under difficult circumstances - has been a theme throughout Betty’s life work. Her work is largely figurative with recurring female form and female triads, a tribute to the strength and triumph of women.


Holy Names College, Master of Arts, Education, 1981

California College of Arts and Crafts
  • Teaching Credentials, Secondary-Art, 1971
  • Graduate Studies, 1955

University of California, Berkeley
  • Graduate Studies, 1954
  • Bachelor of Arts, Sculpture, 1950

Escuela Belles Artes, Guadalajara, Mexico, Summer Session, 1949

Raimand Puccinelli of Florence Italy and San Francisco CA
  • Sculpture Apprenticeship, 1943-1947


The Albany Arts Gallery Show, Albany, March 2011

Paradise Ridge Winery Show, Santa Rosa, 2012

The Ruth Bancroft Garden, Walnut Creek, 2005-2011

CIIS, San Francisco, Juried Show, San Francisco, 2003

Annual Garden Sculpture Show

Pro Arts Open Studios, Berkeley, 1998 - 2012

Group shows Center for Visual Arts, Oakland, 1993

Fifty-Year Retrospective Sculpture and Drawings, Berkeley, 1992

Lipscomb.Gunther Installation Site

One-man show, Stuart Gallery, Berkeley, 1976

West Valley College Master Show with students, Saratoga, 1969

One-man show, Montalvo Gallery, Saratoga, 1967

One-man show, Horses Mouth Gallery, Saratoga, 1964

Co-op Arts and Crafts Group Shows, Berkeley

Co-op Arts and Crafts Group Shows, Walnut Creek

El Cerrito Invitational Group Show, El Cerrito

San Francisco Museum Annual, San Francisco, 1960

San Francisco Museum Annual, San Francisco, 1952

Oakland Art Museum Group Show, Oakland, 1941


Bank of America Headquarters Building, San Francisco, CA
  • Permanent Collection, "Evolutionary Form"

City of Vallejo, Marina Vista Park, CA
  • Heroic Bronze Bust, Senator Luther Gibson

Baruch Home Courtyard, San Jose, CA
  • Serena Standing Wood Figure

Hayden Home Frieze, Pasadena, CA
  • Five Dancing Figures

Walnut Creek pool fountain, Walnut Creek, CA
  • Whale

Research Specialities Company, Richmond, CA
  • "Amphrite", Cast Stone

Private Collections

Ginger and Moshe Alafi, Berkeley, CA

Paul Anglim, San Francisco, CA

Hans and Flora Baruch, Berkeley, CA

Pat Bleifer-Greenglass, Beverly Hills, CA

Mollie Cholfin, M.D., San Diego, CA

Ellen Gunther and Wendell Lipscomb, M.D., Berkeley, CA

Pat and Bob Hanscom, M.D., Berkeley, CA

Judge R.F.C. and Charlotte Hayden, Pasadena, CA

Gladys Hender, Granada Hills, CA

Venona Levine, Walnut Creek, CA

Morton Meyer, M.D., Berkeley, CA

Elizabeth Pringle, Santa Barbara, CA

John and Dagmar Searle, Berkeley, CA


Private Classes, Home/Studio, Berkeley, 1955 – 2011

Vallejo Adult School, Vallejo, 1977 - 1997

Oakland Adult School, Oakland, 1972-1992

Twin Pines School, Oakland, 1970

Montalvo Barn Sculptors “Master Atelier”, Saratoga, 1965-1968

Contra Costa School System, Art, Walnut Creek, 1950-1952

University of California, Berkeley
  • Teaching Assistant to Raimondo Puccinelli, 1943-1947

Mare Island Navy Base Sculpture Teacher, Vallejo, 1943

Betty Rasicot Pillsbury

tel: (510) 526-2923